​Production year: 2016/20


Format: Performative lecture and installation.


​Perfomer: Sidsel Christensen and audience


​Exhibited at Stavanger Art Museum, 2016/17

                        VEGA ARTS, Copenhagen, 2020


Sound by Erik Medeiros.




​THE BIGGER BODY exists as a performative lecture and installation; a space of collective experimentation that changes its shape along the way.


​The audience are in focus, and make out both the material and the subject matter of the work. The viewer is invited inn in to a video installation; an experiment in scale, that spans from the molecular level to the big movement of celestial bodies in the universe. While traveling through this big body, the artist and lecturer recounts scientific tales of individual and collective perspectives.


​The pov is turned on its head several times throughout: The group investigates how cells can have their own individual agency and intelligence. On the other hand, the group look at how people can give up their own individuality, and act as 'small cells' in a greater network, that forms its own pattern of existence.