Production year: 2017 / 2018


Format: performance and installation.


Participants: Erik Medeiros sound production and live mix.  Audience participation.


Exhibited at X and Beyond, Copenhagen and The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.



“Swallow the Journey” is a paranoid performance lecture that simulates loss of control and the feeling of being totally or partially taken over - bodily - by operating systems. Christensen takes the audience on an anatomical placebo journey into their own inner body with a nano-pill, that everyone are asked to swallow at the start of the performance. Along the way, she lets them understand that she is now controlling them, through a surrounding” force field” of carefully calibrated frequency sounds and adjusted light pulsations.


Along the way, light, sound and narration stimulates a shifting bodily / cognitive reading. With artistic micro surgery, the body slowly converts and the premise of the journey takes an unexpected turn.