The Core of I.L.

Production year: 2017

Format: Performative lecture and installation

Participants: Surround sound creation and performance: Erik Medeiros



To be forgotten is passive. But to disappear is active.


This is a story about Inga Larsen, who lived in Stavanger at the turn of the 19th century. In appearances, Larsen seemed like an ordinary housewife. But at the age of 30, she suffered a sudden and untimely death…


This is a story about Inge Lehman, who worked at the department of seismology at the Geodetical Institute of Copenhagen in the 1930s. She had a ‘special feeling for earthquakes’...


Titled The Core of I.L., the performative lecture merges sound, science, and metaphysical exploration through the imaginative retelling of the lives of two women. Initiated by a chance encounter with archival letters, Christensen investigates the inner lives of these historical women and the invisible forces that connect them.

1 – 7 · The core of I.L at Kunsthall Stavanger