Study for Composition I

Production year: 2009/2015

Format: Video (Dur. 20 min)

Participants: Rohid Juneja, Sidsel Christensen



‘Study for Composition I’ narrates the development and fall of a secret cult in Greece 2000 years ago, on the backdrop of variety shifting compositions. 



The artist while undergoing hypnotic regression tells the story of the woman in an animated, emotional way. Neither acting nor a fully realistic rendering, the monologue lies in between the two, pointing towards the very basic workings of the human mind. The emotional charge works through the ‘enactment’ of shifting spiritual and violent actions in the video, in counterpoint to the more rational sensibility engendered by the abstract compositions. The work hints at a possible relationship between transformative spirituality and Fine Art in the practice of early modernist abstraction, as well as questioning what it is to research and develop knowledge.




1 · Study for Composition I - At New Shelter Plan in Copenhagen 2015

2 · Study for Composition (excerpt A)

3 · Study for Composition (excerpt B)