March 2022

I am developing a performance lecture and installation, that will be shown at gallery Entree in Bergen, as part of artist Magnhild Øen Nordahl open studios exhibition.



Performance "Where are We Now? Where are We Now?" at The University Museum Tower Hall, Bergen, Norway.


From January 2020 I entered into a new position as artistic research fellow at the Art Academy in Bergen, Norway.








LETHE Online audio-work as part of "The Spiritual Exercises" project.


Edge of Reason Catalouge (Read PDF)


Online iBOOK '100 London Artists'


Artst of the Week online article. DK.


COMPOSITIONS - online catalogue. From ‘North by Northeast’ at Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival, UK.


'Is Beauty back?' In conversation with Julian Stallabras and Griselda Pollock


Online archive of the Open File project. ICA Jan 2013.  Long Live The New Flesh


DRECK online artwork 'A WOMAN UNIUS LIBRI'






2018   One year state supported working grant from Vederlagsfonden in Norway.

2017   One year state supported working grant from Vederlagsfonden in Norway.

2016   One year state supported working grant from Vederlagsfonden in Norway.

2014   One year state supported working grant from Vederlagsfonden in Norway.

2013   Commission of new work, and exhibition at Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival, UK.

2012   One year state supported working grant from Vederlagsfonden in Norway.

The Open Prize 2011 -  and did a show with Open Gallery in relation to this.






2021          "Where are We Now? Where are We Now?" at The University Museum Tower Hall, Bergen, Norway.


2020          "The Bigger Body" at Vega, as part of the VEGA ARTS program, Copenhagen, DK.


2018          Showing  "Swallow The Journey" in "Brace for impact"  at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Holland


2017          “The Core of I.L.” at Kunsthall Stavanger, Norway.


2016/17    “The Bigger Body” at Stavanger Art museum, Norway.


2015          “Museumsnatt” as official museum night artist at Stavanger Museum - MUST, Norway.


2014          “Christiane Shreiber - Outside The Frame” at Stavanger Art Museum, Stavanger, Norway.


2013          “Long Live The New Flesh” at ICA - Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK


2011          “The Edge of Reason” at KINO KINO Center for Contemporary Art and Film, Sandnes, Norway






PAB Local “Study for Composition X” at Rogaland Art Center, Stavanger, Norway.



ILINX at Celsius Projects in Malmø.



"The worlds last exhibition" at Til Vægs Gallery, Copenhagen.

"Mobilizing Citizenship" at Kunsthall Stavanger, Norway.

Hal Silver at Pic London festival, LCC, London.



“Eyes of Blood”, collaboration with Adam Christensen, at his exhibition “Shitty Heartbreaker”, Overgaden, Denmark.



“Study for Composition VI” at Brown's Hotel, London. As part of the Mayfair Art Weekend, led by the Royal Academy.

“The Body and The Landscape” at St. Georges Hospital, London.



AUTO_FLT_AP_OFF at X and Beyond, Copenhagen, DK.

CROSSOVER KIEL at Kunstverein Haus 8, Germany

The New Real at Loughborough University, UK,  - through RADAR artist/academic commissioning programme.



“PAB OPEN 2015” at Perfomance Art Bergen, Norway.

Sol kommer Østfra, Søster til Måne, TYS project space, Copenhagen, DK

A Conversation at the Edge of the Object, Photo London, UK

'Wilderness', at New Shelter Plan, Copenhagen, DK.

We Never Dream Alone, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London.



"Concerning the Bodyguard", The Tetley, Leeds UK.

'Christiane Shreiber outside the frame' at Stavanger Art museum.

'Framework: Extrasensory Bonds' at Insitu, Berlin.



‘Høstutstillingen’ at Kunstnerenes Hus, Oslo, Norway.

‘North by Northeast’ at Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival, UK.

"I Helheim III' Bryne Kunstforening

Elements ArtEco Gallery

‘How the Light Gets In’ festival at Hay, UK.

Mary Anne Atwood - Full Circle/Untitled.  At Oval Art Space, London

Elements. ArtEco Gallery, London



I HELHEIM 2 - ORDET. Show at KINO KINO, Centre for Art and Film, Norway.

In The Presence Of Multible Possibilities at French Riviera Gallery, London, UK

‘I Helheim’ at Prosjektrom Normanns, Stavanger, Norway

'LIGHTS ON' at Rogaland Art Senter, The 'Bakspeil' project, Stavanger.

'Art of Angel' at The Candid Arts Trust.



Film festival ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS in Spain.

CRUNCH.2011 Arts Festival

VIDEO IN BRITAIN TODAY at Bermondsey Project Space. Curated by Edward Lucie Smith

'Hal Silver: Transmuter's Eco' at Apiary Gallery

"The Supernormal Picture Society" at Apiary Gallery, London

"Sucks to be you',  at The Woodmill, London

"ARTPROJX CINEMA, The Armory show, New York

"Moving Images, traveling screening program,  Bangalore and New Delhi, India



"Britney Spears - Sexually Motivated - And The Black Hole Consequence" at Vilma Gold Gallery, London, UK

“Are you Experienced”, curated by Five Storey Projects, Space Gallery, UK

“The Morouge Room”, Hospital Club, London, UK

 "SHOW 1" Degree Show, Royal College of Art



"The Object of The Attac" at The David Roberts Art Foundation, London, UK

"Hal Silver" at Russian Club Gallery, London, UK

"Concerning Dual Transmission (Over a Long Distance)" at The Hockney Gallery, London UK

"IT’S A MESS AND MOST PROBABLY IRREVERSIBLE" curated by Five Storey Projects, Jotta Space, London, UK

"Helmut Newton Ladies Night" hosted by the artist Spartacus Chetwynd at Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK



“The Birnam Art Trail” organised by The Perthshire Visual Arts Forum, Schotland.

"...and the real becomes fictitious" Galería 13, Mexico.

"Darlah" 5 day public screening of the film as part of ‘Stavanger Cultural City 2008’, Norway

"International video screening 2008" Gallery ET4U, Bøvlingbjerg, Denmark.



"Negotiating The Edge" at Global Arts Village,Delhi, India. (Exhibiton as part of a two month Artist Recidency program at  GAV.)

"Mouvement d’Images, Images en Mouvement" at Espace Ecnanosér, Jarnac, France.

"Vestlandsutstillingen (The Westcoast Exhibition)" traveling exhibition, Norway.

"CARMA",  exhibition arranged by ‘Carma Production’, Tou Scene, Stavanger Norway.



"Mother / Daughter", exhibition with artist Susanne Cristensen. Gallery ET4U, Denmark

"Sandnes Art society’s jubelee exhibiton" Sandnes, Norway.

"Insight" at 12 Nelson Gardens,  London, UK



"Høstutstillingen (The Autumn Exhibition)" at Kunstnerenes Hus, Oslo,Norway.

"NuArt" at Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway.








Co-curated the Helheim series; performative / material / discursive events,  that was shown at KINO KINO, Centre for Art and Film,  Prosjektrom Normanns, Bryne Art association - all in Norway.



Curating the show " The Edge of Reason" at KINO KINO, Centre for Contemporary Art, Sandnes, Norway.

The show is co-curated with artist Ben Judd and includes includes Susan Hiller, Hilma Af Klint, Ben Judd, Karen Russo, Oscar Munos and Susan McWilliam.

An aditional film program featuring Marcus Coates, Maya Deren and The Wilson Sisters amongst others.



Founding member of "Hal Silver", artist and curatorial collective.



Curator at Tou Window Gallery, Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway.


Curatorial projects include:

"Voyages" – Solo show with artist David Buckley

"Three Lectures" – a series of performative lectures

 With artists Rehana Zaman, Lucy Clout and Atla.

"Nature Untouched" – Group show of video and moving image

including artists Anne Klovning – Norway,

David Ferrando Giraut - Spain., Keren Shavit – Israel,

Marcus Coates – England, Tobias Sterenberg – Sweden,

Urara Tsuchiya – Japan.





2008-2010   MA Fine Art, Royal College of Art, London UK.

2003-2006   BA Fine Art, Goldsmith College, London UK.

2002/2003   European Film College. Ebeltoft, Denmark.