Production year: 2012


Format: Exhibition/Live event


Participants: Anders Lysne, Kenneth Varpe, Susanne Christensen, Tove Kommedal.


Exhibition at KINO KINO, Centre for Art and Film, Norway.


This Event/Exhibition is a collaboration with artists Varpe, Christensen and Kommedal and part of a series of shows at the West Coast of Norway. We use the book ‘Haugtussa’ (1895) by Arne Garborg as a starting point for dialogue and a catalyst for new artistic production.


This specific event we focused on the similarities between the book and Carl TH Dreyers’ film ‘Ordet’ (The Word) from 1955. Both works feature a main protagonist living on the edge of normative reality, and deals with how these figures interact and influence the small community they are a part of. Formally the works also deals with the how language and subjectivity can be imbedded in specific landscape formations.


At the KINO KINO event we took the audience through an interactive journey while screening ‘Ordet’: We interacted physically with the film along the way, creating multiple spaces of encounter, while also inserting other art works, screenings, and talks. In this way the cinematic space moved towards a more discursive installation environment along the way.